Vidyanagar Sports Complex 18th to 20th May 2022

    In 1987, The Asian Kho Kho Federation was established during the 3rd SAF Games in Kolkata, India. Member countries included India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives. The 1st Asian Championship was held at Kolkata in 1996 and the second championship at Dhaka in Bangladesh. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Japan, Thailand and Bangladesh were participants of this championship. Each team consists of 12 players, but only 9 players take the field. A match consists of two innings with each inning consisting of chasing and running turns of 9 minutes each. One team sits/kneels in the middle of the court, in a row, with adjacent members facing opposite directions. The runners play in the field, 3 at a time and the team that takes the shortest time to tag/tap all the opponents in the field, wins. In the year 1982, the game was included as part of Indian Olympic Association and few years later in 1989 saw the game as a 'demonstration' in 'Asian Games' Festival.

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    Competition Director(s): Sudhindra K, 9845517822(M), [ Karnataka Kho Kho Association ]