Sri Kanteerava stadium 17th to 19th May 2022

    Weightlifting is a sport in which participants attempt to make a single lift of a maximum weight of a bar loaded with weight plates. The two lifts currently competed are snatch and the clean and jerk. Snatch is to lift the barbell from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion. The clean and jerk is a composite of two weightlifting movements. During clean, the lifter moves the barbell from the floor to a racked position across the Deltoids, without resting fully on the Clavicles. During the jerk the lifter raises the barbell to a stationary position above the head, finishing with straight arms and legs, and the feet in the same plane as the torso and barbell. Each weightlifter receives three attempts in each, and the combined total of the highest two successful lifts determines the overall result within a bodyweight category. Weightlifting requires a combination of power, speed, technique, concentration and timing. Weightlifting was first incorporated in 1886 in Olympics.

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    Competition Director(s): Krishnaraj K, 9844487454(M) [Karnataka State Weightlifter's Association]